Brittney Buss


Through the years of studying photography, I have done many works that involve taking long walks and observing my surroundings. When I started, I was not interested in photographing people, but rather from afar where I would not have to interact with them. I take pictures of plants, objects, and shadows. I have noticed, though, when taking pictures of nature, I am attracted to things that are becoming old and or dying. Also I was intrigued with how I could manipulate what I was looking at and create a new image. Going on these walks with my camera was therapeutic and fun and my images express that. Taking pictures to share with people how I see the world and visualize things is my method of communication. As time went on, I began to incorporate people. Although at first I used myself as the subject, I have progressed to take pictures of other beings. Photography is my passion, an extension of myself, and an important part of my future.