Sam Buckner

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“For as long as I can remember, I have noticed an unavoidable theme of fear: of the future, of the unknown, of failure, etc. Specifically, I have recently felt fear of lack of control over many aspects of life. As I grow into adulthood, that lack of control is quickly disappearing, which is exciting, and also terrifying. I wanted to produce a multilayer project in which I had complete control. One thing that has never had limitations is my imagination, and that is the scariest thing of all.”

For this project, Sam combined three different media types: animation, video, and audio, making one cohesive music video. This mixture allows the viewer to have a surrounding visual and aural experience. Sam used Logic Pro 9, along with various VST plug-ins, to produce the music. He filmed with a Canon 5D, using a projector to cast the animations while being driven through downtown Austin. He collaborated with friend and artist, Garrett Sullivan, to draw and assist with the animations. The combination of media is only a small aspect of Sam’s future artistic pursuits, and he hopes to further his projects as his technical knowledge and resources advance.