Kelly Zhu


With a strong attachment to people and places, I have always felt a need to visually document things to help me remember specific emotions, individuals, and moments in time. Sociology plays a large role in the way I choose to present my subjects. My work aims to explore the personalities, places, and cultures in society that are intriguing to me. I often find myself combining elements of culture, gender, and social norms into a lot of my work. The collections of visual stories that I have gathered so far have been explored through many different techniques and forms of photography. Integrating traditional documentary work and fine art photography has become very important to my personal work process and how I view the world around me. With a fascination for the unknown and a curiosity to learn more, I am constantly changing along with my images.

Natura is a body of work developed with a 4×5 field camera and layered images. The compositions suggest a distant longing for something unknown. Images of the human body are paired with intricate textures to show a transformation into an intimate structure that is representative of nature. This project invites viewers to question the subject and create an entirely new meaning for themselves.