Beatriz Posada Alonso

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I have always enjoyed photographing humans and wildlife. There is something incredible about trying to capture the essence of being alive. Early in my career I loved spending time in aquariums and zoos because there was something unique about shooting wildlife at a close range. Later I started photographing animals in more natural environments such as sanctuaries and safaris, and slowly began to understand the challenge of getting intimate shots of an animal that has more freedom and space. I became passionate about capturing instinctive behaviors in natural environments, and this gave birth to my recent obsession with photographing horses. I have been around horses since a young age, and have been photographing them for years without a particular intention. To me, the horse is one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures of the animal kingdom. Since the start of 2013, I have forced myself to focus on creating a body of work about these animals. It is such a pleasure to work with horses, but at the same time I have so much respect for them and sometimes fear them. Somehow humans have managed to tame these large mammals, but we should never forget that deep inside they are still wild at heart.