Ally Parks

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The Mothers in Each Other is a series of studio portraits portraying the man and the woman of eight local female impersonators. This body of work is intended to make a statement about personhood and its fabrication and flexibility. This body of work has two main conceptual themes. One examines the duality of the human nature, paying attention solely to the individual. The images act as reflections of both sides of the individual, inviting the viewer to examine ones own two natures. The other is intended to expose gender stereotypes as societal constructions by demonstrating the potential to visually transform oneself into either gender with makeup, hair and clothes. The concept for this series of photographs was conceived at the beginning of summer 2012. The body of work began to form in August and took on shape, weight and mass by December. This is an ongoing project that has no real cutoff point but will probably reach its full maturity by the end of 2013. However, the installation and physical presentation of the work is continuously evolving. The presentation used for this exhibition is intended to represent both conceptual themes.