Berkeley Beauchot


I want immediacy. I want human contact. I want to feel desired. I want everyone and no one.

for you by me (A Standard of Perfection) is a personal investigation of my relationship with the photographic image, and the representation of oneself. Photography is a medium through which commodities can be made and popularized. To an extent the image commodifies the individual, particularly that of the idolized female canon, and often these images have an objective of inducing desire.

Now too in a society saturated with imagery and in a seemingly endless period of self-celebratory ambivalences, to gain any recognition information needs to quite nearly be shoved in our faces, or in this instance down our throats. There are certain levels of attractiveness and/or aversiveness that are intrinsic of certain objects, and meanings that individuals associate with them. My intention is to control the adopted material outside of its inherent meanings. I challenge the audience to engage and question the standards for reception of photography, of the individual and of me.