Walter S. Long


In the age of internet births, my understanding of the internet as a social tool is already becoming outmoded. I was recently looking at youtube comments. I don’t remember the video, but someone named “boredperson71” was posting thoughtless garbage. Strangely, I found it perfectly acceptable for someone with such a haphazard and honest moniker. It was crude in a way that reminded me of my first AOL account screen name: mrsteal3902. In my case, the screen name was the combination of the numbers in my street address and an unintentionally gender ambiguous name. I felt a connection with the awkwardness of my age at that time and what in the future will be considered my late internet birth. In our current society there is an emphasis on the internet as a mode of social communication. For mrsteal3902 the internet is only an escape. In my work right now I attempt to embody this perspective.