brian m. john

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I strive to produce works of art that are everything at once. I want them to be beautiful and conceptual, informative and self-reflexive. To that end, my work focuses on the charged field created by the radical juxtaposition of images. By intertwining the figurative and the abstract, it is made evident that even the most subject-oriented images are mediated by aesthetics, and, simultaneously, that the most abstract images are not created in a void—they are reflections of the material world.

These images are observed and photographed, not constructed, maintaining their connection to materiality. This work demands that the audience trust in this so that we might circumvent old arguments about the veracity of photographs or the airiness of formalism and abstraction. I believe that there is a more fertile discourse to be had, one regarding the relationships of images to the world and of ourselves to images. Our experience of the world is a mediated one, and I would have us challenge that, even as we revel in it.