Travis C. Hallmark

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I Create. I Love. I Share.

I create. Photography has become a place that I can dig into my life and understand what it is that drives me. I have found that it is this, capturing a moment, a time in the present and making it a piece of history. I love that idea, that I can create a moment simply by snapping an image.

I love. I grew up in a household where love was essential. Love who you are, love the people around you and love the life you have been given. I best experience that love through my photography. It allows me to interact with people, hear their stories and be involved with them. It can be a young musician hoping to make their big break or a bride and groom full of joy on their wedding day and I have the opportunity to be a part of that.

I share. I want to share my experiences, my work and my passion with others. It is important for me as a photographer to share, I want people to see into my life.